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Local Authority Debt Collection

Stirling Park’s Local Authority clients enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our many years of experience, together with the freshness that comes with our innovative outlook.

We are alert to the ever-changing debt landscape, Local Authority budgetary and resourcing pressures, and the importance of the customer journey.

Our service pivots on close client partnerships, underpinned by transparency and a shared commitment to delivering solutions and outcomes.

Our service is not a “one size fits all” offering; it is tailored and nuanced to meet individual Local Authority collection priorities and social agenda. We work closely with Local Authorities to understand your demographics, risks, challenges and collections strategy.

We respond flexibly in line with our client’s needs, collecting across multiple debt streams – each one backed by its own strategic operating model:

  • Council Tax
  • Non-Domestic Rates
  • Housing Benefit Overpayment
  • Former Tenant Arrears
  • Sundry Billing

Our collections performance speaks for itself, as does the retention statistics of our client contracts. We are progressive, informed and solutions-oriented, offering a tailored service bespoke to your needs.

Our dedicated collections centre enjoys the benefits of a full digital transformation, access to cutting-edge data analytics, customer profiling, behavioural science and sophisticated insights that enable a single, holistic view of customer debt.

This means our collection strategy is targeted, timely and insights-driven.

In line with our commitment to continuous improvement, we self-assess, benchmark, audit and review each stage of our service offer.

Our customer communications system is sophisticated and multi-functional; built into this is a compliant, accessible, and efficient service.

Staff are experts in customer service, financial-means conversations, negotiations and generating solutions to meet clients’ collections targets, without causing undue hardship.

We take quality monitoring seriously and ensure a level of rigor and governance that will see your contractual KPIs fulfilled.

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